How deep is the live broadcast show?

ring ago,
brought the game broadcast platform,
how many people may not have a clear idea of the field of foreign twitch and domestic broadcast platform first,
starting from the YY platform,
and the real live game broadcast industry has been difficult to crawl in the dark.
Two years later,
with the increasing number of online games and competitive gamers,
the expansion of the field of electronic games,
the game live platform has become hot,
and the capital of the game players are also more and more.
In the fall of 2015,
national husband Wang Sicong announced the establishment of panda TV,
a high-profile game platform into the capital,
the game platform game pattern has become complicated and confusing.
The first game,
live broadcast platform twitch,
with the increase in the number of players,
live platform chaos has gradually emerged.
The famous broadcast platform including Betta,
fire cat,
multi men Central Plains,
nature is busy playing.
lets take a look at the major