Faced with social problems, why can't the government do everything CNPolitics?

ring : Chase Elliott / Clark Flickr Abstract compared to make snap to reform,
the government regulations,
more love to play by the rules,
continue to pursue seemingly effective policy.
Yang Mingyu / political observer,
medical issues,
education issues,
environmental issues,
property issues.
In recent years,
the social problems China exposed more and more,
sometimes make people too busy to attend to all.
A hot social issue off the words on the Internet,
one after another,
another one after another,
the public eye with hot fast transfer.
The governments attention and response are not only lagging,
but sometimes selective,
compared to public concerns about social issues.
Faced with so many social problems,
why does the government only choose to pay attention to and respond to some of them and ignore the others? The ability of the human brain to process information is limited.
Attention can only be limited to a limited amount of time.
The government is made up of people,
so its attention is limited