After leaving the army to do security work on the first day the boss asked me to go to her home

ring cial soldier,
after the army,
went to the security,
say good,
should be bodyguards,
protect the object is my fiancee.
But she looked down on me because she was the president of a big company,
and I was just a small security guard.
1 iceberg president fiancee in the morning,
the soft sunlight through the window onto the leaf Xuan room,
Ye Xuancai slowly put on clothes pants,
stretched my bones: mom is really,
I dont know where he suddenly made a doll close to fiancee! First go to the bank and get some money.
the fiancee cant be too shabby.
Humming a song out of the door,
next to the long slow leaf Xuan to the industrial and Commercial Bank of china.
In the early morning of the few people,
ye Xuan directly to Paihao counter business,
just sit down and leaves a sudden heart Xuan,
a dangerous feeling hit the heart.
No move,
Four head wearing a black hood guy standing in front of the bank,
a gun holding underground factory imitation,
which is AK47,
very arrogant clamor.