10 highlights 5 major groove brick uncle spicy rating cock fried days Cadillac XT5

ring e brick a month ago,
homebred Cadillac XT5 officially listed,
the American luxury will SUV price of 35.
99 million,
directed at the Mercedes Benz GLC,
Audi Q5 such well-known market models,
in the end it is He Nengnai,
in the end it fight enemies,
where luxury in the end it is worth 500 thousand of the price? Uncle brick will come here today to give you a thorough analysis.
Cadillac XT5 10 highlights 1,
enough attractive appearance of the Cadillac family models have always been very recognizable shape design,
diamond cutting lines make them,
angular momentum is compelling,
and in the XT5 as the representative of a new generation of models,
this design language further evolution,
large angle,
short windshield the front body is more compact,
and long lines,
let XT5 look more dynamic,
while the large shield grille,
waterfall star light one distance LED headlights,
taillights bar shaped three-dimensional still depicts Cadillac unique American luxury.
The drag coefficient of XT5 was 0.