The buddy must ask you to see bainiaozhaofeng

ring ee years ago,
the Shaanxi provincial Party committee engaged in a poll in the Xian film studio,
finally decided to arrange a director as deputy director of the west film studio.
The director: when you twist the neck when director,
deputy not dry.
The wayward director,
later sold the film old well,
actor Zhang Yimou,
on behalf of Chinese winning the first International Film Festival winner,
the same year,
he privately raise forty thousand dollars to the burning with impatience of Zhang Yimou,
who went to Shandong for a slice of sorghum,
and then later a red Sorghum.
My sister started to go ahead boldly.
Huang Jianxin,
Gu Changwei,
He Pingdeng,
a large film practitioners,
have been helped from his hands,
made into their respective masterpiece.
they are defined as the fifth generation directors of china.
And the film Godfather called the director,
called Wu Tianming.
He died a couple of years ago.
Two years later,
he was director of the last work bainiaozhaofeng,
is Chinese