Hot Blog, a low amount of open four wave rally point

ring e market shocks,
the shock rate is only 1% throughout the day,
turnover hit the lowest this year.
All through history,
Shanghai this year appeared three times the amount of it is 128 billion 500 million,
1285 destroyed this volume standard,
only 123 billion 600 million can be said full year low volume.
The amount of land,
although not to assert that now is the price,
but the market in such a volume,
and then down to kill kill has been motionless,
not selling also did not undertake,
no matter market is up or down are facing this wave rally.
Last Thursday,
the market structure was analyzed from 60 minutes by wave theory.
on Friday we combine the K line chart for analysis.
the market hit a new low Thursday,
all the way back,
Friday closed a cross star,
the structure of the three wave adjustment end of the situation,
which will be transferred to the four wave of the rebound.
At present,
this probability is larger.
from MACD indicators,
DIF and DEA together,
MACD green column shortene