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ring ke the girl like you,
life has too many helpless,
love me,
I dont love,
I love people dont love me! If you want to be with a girl you like earlier,
why dont you listen to the bad boys and mentors analyze how to attract girls?.
The bad boys current mentor has been fully upgraded,
super powerful! Tomorrow course 14 -15 love live: Roger Supervisor: Roger 15 -16: Aiello love live Supervisor: Aiello 16 -17: Cass Supervisor: Cass love live 17 -18 love live: Anya Supervisor: Anya 18 -19: small cotton love live Tutor: small cotton 19 -20: love live Supervisor: puff puff 20 -21: foolish love live Supervisor: foolish 21 -22: his love live Supervisor: mal 22 -23: my love live my tutor: 23 -24: consonance consonance 24 Tutor: live in love -1: but love live instructor: but tip: if you use iPhone series,
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