Wang Yuanxin magazine 48 seconds, inner ring about 1000000, this year no money, you dare to star

ring g Xiaoyao,
behind every successful small meat,
can not do without the support of countless fans.
Behind every successful fan is the support of powerful funds.
Facts have proved that this is really the truth.
Because there is! Money! Ren! Sex! Today,
Wang source five major magazine,
the first magazine Cosmo single out,
and refresh records,
66666666 people to break the industry record.
Break through 70 thousand sales in 48 seconds!!! Sold out in one minute,
out of the shelf!!! Sales are as high as over 1 million!!! The figures are high to hot! Eye! Eye! Fans,
said: sold seventy thousand or failed to grab a familys pride (trench) said: can limit our money is never,
but your inventory.
! Even more frightening is that the evening magazine looks good and gives 10 thousand additional copies,
and then.
Another second in seconds.
Excuse me? There is no best,
only more trenches,
you tyrant fans buy,
buy capacity,
still use the suspect?! And its always a good thing to love the