This may be so simple for Apple's investment

ring shan mountain to see the audience analysis morning brush out a bit of travel (hereinafter referred to by micro-blog).
he bounced off the bed,
and it certainly made headlines today.
Sure enough,
not until noon,
many media have continued to land on the title drop was the largest single investment this action in the history of Apple crown,
the largest single investment,
Apples first Internet in Chinese investment etc.
About this investment,
Apple Corps CEO Cook said so: drops highlights the spirit of innovation in Chinas iOS developer community.
Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its outstanding management team amazing,
we look forward to supporting the long-term development of drops.
after all,
what are the various purposes behind them that can be described in these polite terms?.
Of course,
Apple Corp,
sitting on 10 billion in cash,
may not care about the money,
but if they think Apple Corp can handle the cash at will,
its a big mistake.