The strongest signs of modern football 10 Leicester won an oath by the face

ng is the title of Leicester city? Believing that I don't need to go over it.
Martin Samuel,
a soccer expert from the daily mail of England,
wrote a column of emotion to tell Leicester about his incomparable inner shock.
Did you notice that? This is a game in the battlefield,
is so unusual,
although no tactics after the analysis and summary,
but this game is destined to be engraved on the monument of history,
a great story worth telling to your descendants was born! In 2016,
May 3rd,
Leicester won the Premier League title.
Only a short while ago,
sports is no longer as of old people full of excitement.
the greatest moment of the faded imperceptibly.
Ferguson's brilliant shine through the 13 League champions,
with the years have already can not see the shadow.
Even after the Londo