The next year Oscar fashion Demons and monsters danced like mad. would you still love me

et Gala (New York Metropolitan Museum charity dance) held on May 2nd evening,
the theme of this year is hand made X machine: fashion in the age of science and technology.
big names,
have been wearing black and white metal clothing,
and makeup is also dark.
As a result,
the female star light into a gorgeous clothes,
makeup all flash blind; dark,
dark side.
* multi warning,
please pay attention to traffic.
a fruit sister town building.
Katy Perry in Prada.
if you only look at the clothes is really a good shape,
but the poisoning of older makeup,
touch the sky hair,
is a bit scary.
Lady Gaga has always been out of shape this time is not much,
turned punk queen,
the electronic element of clothing collocation donkey hoof heels really to the point,
is also very Gaga.
This shape