The girl in the male bestie home for 5 minutes the result was the other girlfriend for 4 years she hated doing what

Zhang Meimei's friend Tan Yao was getting married,
but Zhang Meimei did not get the invitation.
As a good friend for many years,
Zhang Meimei was a little depressed.
What the hell is going on here? Four years ago to get something trouble at 10 yesterday morning,
Chongqing Starbucks Monument for Liberation,
the reporter saw Zhang Meimei.
Zhang Meimei is 28 years old this year,
live in the five store is currently working in Yubei Jinhong Jiayuan,
an Internet company.
She and male girlfriends,
Tan Yao is a university classmate,
two people in college relationship is very good,
after graduation,
Tan Yao came to Chongqing work,
with his girlfriend Xiao Hu began a long-distance love.
In August 2012,
Tan Yao came back from her hometown and called Zhang Meimei and asked her to pick up some local sp