The first batch of 500 thousand senior citizen card managing allowance in late June Houston

Civil Affairs Bureau said that the Shanghai old age card issued this year,
the first 500 thousand.
Please old people in accordance with the home (Village) committee arranged to receive in an orderly manner,
I take the card,
please bring a receipt,
identity cards and social security card,
did not receive the card notice of the elderly,
please be patient,
do not worry yo.
Elderly cards need to be activated before they can be used,
and the comprehensive allowance for the elderly will be issued to the aged card in late June.
Since then,
batch payment,
from May 3rd onwards,
Shanghai city card began to pay in batches,
the city's first batch of about 500 thousand copies.
After that,
there will be a batch of good old age cards delivered to the village committee,
which will be issued by the home (V