The comfort zone will ruin youth someday

Gogh spring author Li Shanglong in the big city to waste one's way is very simple,
give you a quiet small space,
give you a cable,
the best plus a takeaway phone.
you're starting to waste.
Take yourself as the center of the circle,
your hand as the radius,
and begin to draw a circle.
You'll find everything you need in this circle.
This circle is called the comfort zone.
This month,
I've been traveling all over the country,
back in Beijing,
meeting a friend I haven't seen for a long time,
singing with KTV,
he just got fired from the company.
I asked him,
I haven't seen him for a month.
What have you been up to?.
He said,
nothing busy,
I asked him what it was like to stay.
He scratched his head and said,
I don't know,
I feel a good time to fast,
this month did nothing on th