Shanghai Disneyland Disney hasn't opened was carved a visit

ws reporter Zang Ming Li Jicheng,
tourists in the town of Disney column engraved here a tour.
On May 1st,
many tourists stepped on the beach to take photos and even picked plants at random.
Herb garden staff,
words with a little helpless.
During the 51,
although Shanghai Disney park has not yet opened,
but as the core area of international tourism resort open area start the test,
here became public family travel destination,
Disney Park neighbors Star Park,
herb garden,
ecological garden is a good place for the public.
But in a few days,
visitors uncivilized phenomenon occasionally.
In addition to picking on plants,
visitors were also found on the pillars of the town of Disney carved here a tour,
and even visitors in the flower bed where urinating.
In order not to affect visitors e