Positive energy road, it is difficult to go

not fall.
Think of the home of the parents,
but also to hold on,
tell yourself what it is not.
Don't give up when you're tired.
In fact,
not give up some things,
is yourself,
cherish yourself.
Don't complain,
God doesn't know who you are,
live your life,
and enjoy what you're doing.
Get hit,
don't lose heart.
Don't think you're born to do everything right,
but try to do everything to your best.
Never say you're lonely,
but you don't know what it's like to be alone! Family,
haven't been exposed to wind and rain come,
alone? Don't think you're important.
When you're missing,
the earth turns around,
not to think you're insignificant! To your parents,
you are all they live! Be sure to show them your happiest and most optimistic ones.
Because only you are happy,
their life make