Pay attention to the National Tourism Administration issued Ampquot blacklist Ampquot Zhangjiajie CYTS list

source: CCTV news Xinhua News Agency on May 3rd,
the National Tourism Bureau announced the 2016 51 small holiday tourism complaint investigation,
and informed the 5 typical cases.
A total of 253 complaints were handled in the country.
According to statistics,
since April 30th to May 2nd,
a total of 253 complaints have been handled in the country.
Among them,
155 tourist attractions,
43 travel agencies,
21 online travel,
20 tourist accommodation,
4 tour guides,
2 transportation,
and 8 other pieces.
The first batch of Chenzhou Delta Hunan tourism police posts,
to help visitors solve problems during the 51 section,
tourist complaints and disputes Tourism Quality Supervision of law enforcement agencies,
tour court,
the people's mediation mediation room quickly.
Sanya City,
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