Hot spot of Korean director death in China

friend who goes to the movies on weekends.
Press out,
two people are angry.
quarrel: why offer the flop? A love ship nearly sank.
What is so fierce - my new sassy girlfriend,
like them,
looked at my former sassy girl face,
and Sir believed it wasn't in the minority.
Sassy girl was a nuclear bomb in asia.
At the box office,
word of mouth,
Grand Prix,
kill three birds: South Korea in 2001 ten blockbuster (runner up champion is Jang Dong Gun's friend); 2002 bell Korea Award for best adapted screenplay,
best actress,
popular actor,
popular actress; 2003 Award for best Asian Film Award; Japan Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film.
It even influenced the generation's view of choosing spouse.
Savage before,
film and television works heroine mostly pure,