Fan Shengmei is happy in the city than in the lowest index of joy

first day of the May Day holiday started,
but the mushroom was still immersed in the story of Ode to joy.
What number did you catch up with? When it comes to the apartment named Ode to joy,
all want to get some auspicious festivity,
bow to see the rise of the neighborhood,
everyone hopes to live together enjoyable.
everyone has an unknown story,
want to tell,
but can not reveal the voice,
probably strong for too long.
a strong woman with high IQ and emotional intelligence,
needs to be improved.
In this life that everybody envies,
but has the sad childhood.
The shadow of childhood has so far affected.
Xiao Xiao Qu white Formica,
from a wealthy family of love,
in the face of all things is a big character.
And Zhao doctor's love picture,
a little crisp people.
Guan Guan,