[diffusion] Super home, the best prepared for this, but too few people know

n the room is very bad.
As a matter of fact,
you enlarged your worries and provided you with a clean home.
It's baking soda.
Don't you believe it? Then look down here: 1.
remove the stains on the wall of the baking soda and water mixing ratio of 1:1 together can remove the stains and crayon marks with a sponge dipped in a little water to clean up 2.
can wipe off clogged sewer pour a cup of soda precipitation after a while pour a cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water drain smoothly simply like magic the fantastic 3.
pour soda in the cleaning groove walls of the groove with a wet brush,
too dirty and then use the available point force on the line 4.
clear clear rag smell of baking soda in addition to flavor of family but a good helper Oh cat to sprinkle some baking soda in cleaning can remov