[awards] want to play cool, sunscreen should do a good job of sunscreen

oday is the first day of work,
but some small partners may be up and ready to receive gifts! The following is on Tuesday to play cool,
correct posture to do | sunscreen sunscreen should be! The list of winners,
and won the children remember before May 6th,
click on the lower right corner [write] message to tell Dongdong you receive award information (including mobile phone number + + recipient email address),
Eastern prize will be sent to your hands as soon as possible oh ~ Zhang Xiaoqi as a standard black girl really rarely used sunscreen.
The sleep by the sun sun will be more healthy but mo- bared teeth sunglasses is absolutely indispensable weapon in summer,
at least look cool.
Yingying still remembers the summer in junior high school,
wearing a winter coat (without clothes) and spent