Having become a net red, he asked for a raise

time dog,
we support countless days and nights,
except for dreams,
that is,
monthly wages! So when Xiaoming learned that its own wages [click write message] [read] with erhu click view view highlights

The selection of 54 young people going through the Tibet out of the country to the whole world bright

no limit,
is so energetic playing others can play do not to others not to 54 Youth Day let the world see your attitude GO high~ online activities and you share the Dapeng New Zealand working experience and skills for WHV Travel dream places for you to work in New Zealand travel visa pulse and tell how you have an appointment for a year in New Zealand to earn 200 thousand,
6: 5.
4 coordinates: national price: 15 miles riding Tibet,
looking for the meaning of travel to Tibet is a crazy idea you need more than courage and wisdom and strength and from experience appointment: 5.
6 coordinate the price: 9 fox goddess divination,
Tarot certification by the United States let you exclaim quasi romance,
Sadomasochism shit Where the hell is your luck? Why don

Chinese story under the sky of Berlin

al: geekpark geeks Park geeks Park innovators Alliance - rediscovered European trip two years ago,
the largest in Europe you re:publica this influential Internet Conference in the global day may not see a Chinese figure.
Last year,
geeks Park came to the re:publica Conference for the first time and told European technology pioneers about the impact of the Chinese geek spirit on society.
Since then,
Europe has had some initial knowledge of China's current technologies,
products and innovations.
And this year,
re:publica invited more Chinese innovation companies and geek parks to europe.
Together with China's innovative enterprises set foot on Europe,
we once again felt the rigorous thinking here,
the pursuit of quality and some different interpretations about the industry.
Although Europe d

Fan Shengmei is happy in the city than in the lowest index of joy

first day of the May Day holiday started,
but the mushroom was still immersed in the story of Ode to joy.
What number did you catch up with? When it comes to the apartment named Ode to joy,
all want to get some auspicious festivity,
bow to see the rise of the neighborhood,
everyone hopes to live together enjoyable.
everyone has an unknown story,
want to tell,
but can not reveal the voice,
probably strong for too long.
a strong woman with high IQ and emotional intelligence,
needs to be improved.
In this life that everybody envies,
but has the sad childhood.
The shadow of childhood has so far affected.
Xiao Xiao Qu white Formica,
from a wealthy family of love,
in the face of all things is a big character.
And Zhao doctor's love picture,
a little crisp people.
Guan Guan,

My principles don't waste other resources

he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun recall: you will because of the cheap rent,
and choose from the company's distant place? Or do you often spend a lot of time traveling by bus or by subway,
just to save your living expenses? If one thing can be done with money,
will you sacrifice other resources? Today's recommended article,
the author will tell you,
there are some things that are more important than money.
The reason is simple,
because there is only one essence of life,
that is the exchange.
I can fix the principle: money,
do not waste other resources (the authorized reprint,
source of the new WeChat public university,
ID: xinshengdaxue) before the adoption of the recommendation of BetterRead,
had heard of Ray Dalio's Principle.

The comfort zone will ruin youth someday

Gogh spring author Li Shanglong in the big city to waste one's way is very simple,
give you a quiet small space,
give you a cable,
the best plus a takeaway phone.
you're starting to waste.
Take yourself as the center of the circle,
your hand as the radius,
and begin to draw a circle.
You'll find everything you need in this circle.
This circle is called the comfort zone.
This month,
I've been traveling all over the country,
back in Beijing,
meeting a friend I haven't seen for a long time,
singing with KTV,
he just got fired from the company.
I asked him,
I haven't seen him for a month.
What have you been up to?.
He said,
nothing busy,
I asked him what it was like to stay.
He scratched his head and said,
I don't know,
I feel a good time to fast,
this month did nothing on th

The highest state of shock turned out to be such a chowhound

e of delicacy after the 00 is such that the two dimension is foreigners it is thought that this is the highest realm of chowhound,
until I saw this! I felt saw before all chowhound suck there! What was this magical Thursday's gourmet day? A country belongs to the delicacy chowhound Carnival day! All kinds of dessert Dole's Day: healthy and delicious,
classic European style as the core of the high quality chain bakery brand.
Petty meals Wagas: recommending healthy and delicious sandwiches,
soft and delicious homemade cakes and all kinds of high-quality Jimei from Arabica coffee.
In addition,
each shop has its unique style of decoration! The best choice for petty bourgeoisie (Zhuang) bi! Of course,
one year,
the most important crayfish!!! The Dragon Nest Xu Yi

[diffusion] Super home, the best prepared for this, but too few people know

n the room is very bad.
As a matter of fact,
you enlarged your worries and provided you with a clean home.
It's baking soda.
Don't you believe it? Then look down here: 1.
remove the stains on the wall of the baking soda and water mixing ratio of 1:1 together can remove the stains and crayon marks with a sponge dipped in a little water to clean up 2.
can wipe off clogged sewer pour a cup of soda precipitation after a while pour a cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water drain smoothly simply like magic the fantastic 3.
pour soda in the cleaning groove walls of the groove with a wet brush,
too dirty and then use the available point force on the line 4.
clear clear rag smell of baking soda in addition to flavor of family but a good helper Oh cat to sprinkle some baking soda in cleaning can remov

The next year Oscar fashion Demons and monsters danced like mad. would you still love me

et Gala (New York Metropolitan Museum charity dance) held on May 2nd evening,
the theme of this year is hand made X machine: fashion in the age of science and technology.
big names,
have been wearing black and white metal clothing,
and makeup is also dark.
As a result,
the female star light into a gorgeous clothes,
makeup all flash blind; dark,
dark side.
* multi warning,
please pay attention to traffic.
a fruit sister town building.
Katy Perry in Prada.
if you only look at the clothes is really a good shape,
but the poisoning of older makeup,
touch the sky hair,
is a bit scary.
Lady Gaga has always been out of shape this time is not much,
turned punk queen,
the electronic element of clothing collocation donkey hoof heels really to the point,
is also very Gaga.
This shape

2016 most worthy of listening to European and American albums

2016 1/3 Europe music has ushered in a wave of small climax,
Kanye Rihanna issued West finally Soon out the results of high quality works not in vain fans waiting for AURORA,
dvsn and other new rave reviews at the best queue accumulate steadily during the first quarter of more missed Europe album here!! Popular Rihanna - Anti three,
first singles are not included,
do not cater to the rankings and be loyal to yourself.
Rihanna's courage and strength have never been seen on this album.
Even so,
the album's first single Work has taken the Billboard nine peat,
the appeal extraordinary.
96 year old Norway elf,
the little body contains great energy.
The expectant debut is like an emotional black hole.
She is tearing her tears of fear

[awards] want to play cool, sunscreen should do a good job of sunscreen

oday is the first day of work,
but some small partners may be up and ready to receive gifts! The following is on Tuesday to play cool,
correct posture to do | sunscreen sunscreen should be! The list of winners,
and won the children remember before May 6th,
click on the lower right corner [write] message to tell Dongdong you receive award information (including mobile phone number + + recipient email address),
Eastern prize will be sent to your hands as soon as possible oh ~ Zhang Xiaoqi as a standard black girl really rarely used sunscreen.
The sleep by the sun sun will be more healthy but mo- bared teeth sunglasses is absolutely indispensable weapon in summer,
at least look cool.
Yingying still remembers the summer in junior high school,
wearing a winter coat (without clothes) and spent

A good start from the clean tooth whitening health first

ing goes,
a white cover three ugly,
especially for women,
not only the skin to whitening,
even the teeth also need whitening.
more and more people into the ranks of the teeth.
With the improvement of life quality,
a comprehensive clean mouth,
can protect the teeth,
the magic has received widespread attention.
In foreign countries,
the scaling is referred to as another way of brushing.
in increasing scaling groups,
some experts found that a keen people,
often mistaken,
the blind pursuit of white teeth,
the teeth as beauty,
and even lead to dental health impact.
Scaling is not equal to focuses on clean teeth whitening teeth wash a week,
how not to see the whitening effect? People who love beauty,
Xiao Li complained.
For the wedding photos,
she had two weeks early

Hot spot of Korean director death in China

friend who goes to the movies on weekends.
Press out,
two people are angry.
quarrel: why offer the flop? A love ship nearly sank.
What is so fierce - my new sassy girlfriend,
like them,
looked at my former sassy girl face,
and Sir believed it wasn't in the minority.
Sassy girl was a nuclear bomb in asia.
At the box office,
word of mouth,
Grand Prix,
kill three birds: South Korea in 2001 ten blockbuster (runner up champion is Jang Dong Gun's friend); 2002 bell Korea Award for best adapted screenplay,
best actress,
popular actor,
popular actress; 2003 Award for best Asian Film Award; Japan Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film.
It even influenced the generation's view of choosing spouse.
Savage before,
film and television works heroine mostly pure,

What's important tonight? Xi Jinping's important speech, publishing, anti-corruption determination has not changed

ent NEWS Xi Jinping held a welcoming ceremony for the Lao People's Revolutionary Party Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to China and the Lao People's Revolutionary Party General Secretary of the Central Committee held talks about what specific watch tonight,
news broadcast! Political news NEWS Xi Jinping in the eighteenth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the sixth plenary meeting of the speech booklet,
published by the people's publishing house,
now on the issue in the Xinhua bookstore.
Part one point: the overwhelming trend for 3 years,
our efforts to solve the management and administration of the party lost in the lenient in the loose,
lost in the soft,
not rot deterrent to full play,
initially apparent effect can not rot,
do not w

Pay attention to the National Tourism Administration issued Ampquot blacklist Ampquot Zhangjiajie CYTS list

source: CCTV news Xinhua News Agency on May 3rd,
the National Tourism Bureau announced the 2016 51 small holiday tourism complaint investigation,
and informed the 5 typical cases.
A total of 253 complaints were handled in the country.
According to statistics,
since April 30th to May 2nd,
a total of 253 complaints have been handled in the country.
Among them,
155 tourist attractions,
43 travel agencies,
21 online travel,
20 tourist accommodation,
4 tour guides,
2 transportation,
and 8 other pieces.
The first batch of Chenzhou Delta Hunan tourism police posts,
to help visitors solve problems during the 51 section,
tourist complaints and disputes Tourism Quality Supervision of law enforcement agencies,
tour court,
the people's mediation mediation room quickly.
Sanya City,
focus on

The girl in the male bestie home for 5 minutes the result was the other girlfriend for 4 years she hated doing what

Zhang Meimei's friend Tan Yao was getting married,
but Zhang Meimei did not get the invitation.
As a good friend for many years,
Zhang Meimei was a little depressed.
What the hell is going on here? Four years ago to get something trouble at 10 yesterday morning,
Chongqing Starbucks Monument for Liberation,
the reporter saw Zhang Meimei.
Zhang Meimei is 28 years old this year,
live in the five store is currently working in Yubei Jinhong Jiayuan,
an Internet company.
She and male girlfriends,
Tan Yao is a university classmate,
two people in college relationship is very good,
after graduation,
Tan Yao came to Chongqing work,
with his girlfriend Xiao Hu began a long-distance love.
In August 2012,
Tan Yao came back from her hometown and called Zhang Meimei and asked her to pick up some local sp

Positive energy road, it is difficult to go

not fall.
Think of the home of the parents,
but also to hold on,
tell yourself what it is not.
Don't give up when you're tired.
In fact,
not give up some things,
is yourself,
cherish yourself.
Don't complain,
God doesn't know who you are,
live your life,
and enjoy what you're doing.
Get hit,
don't lose heart.
Don't think you're born to do everything right,
but try to do everything to your best.
Never say you're lonely,
but you don't know what it's like to be alone! Family,
haven't been exposed to wind and rain come,
alone? Don't think you're important.
When you're missing,
the earth turns around,
not to think you're insignificant! To your parents,
you are all they live! Be sure to show them your happiest and most optimistic ones.
Because only you are happy,
their life make

What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever experienced?

China visual magazine the most popular graphic,
click the title below the male blue visual attention will want to in the holiday hiking weight-loss results become friends were invited to eat eat come home that I was too long to come on the way to the refrigerator to eat on the way and forget what we dated on the road see a voucher happy look carefully expired we have come to the interior but also an umbrella you throw iPhone outsourcing equipped with a subtle sense of guilt when you sleep by yourself when you need something to wake the snoring can not find you don't need to suddenly appear is to call people suddenly find it not to come because the mobile phone shop to repair the fault in front of the clerk working normally again you don't laugh! What's the most embarrassing thing you've ev

Seven words do not mind loneliness is more comfortable than love you

rst visual magazine,
the most popular picture number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to vision,
daily seven words,
the 1170th phase.
I don't mind being alone,
more comfortable than loving you.
The so-called happiness: first,
sleep in their own bed,
two is to eat parents do food,
three is to listen to love to you say sweet nothings,
four is to play games with children.
Lin Yutang is a very angry and amused hurt his pride,
but I would rather hurt self-esteem,
also hope you can make me smile.
Girls like boys,
is kind of decent with a bit of serious,
but this is not serious,
but not delay the kind of decent.
Boys like girls,
is the kind of pure,
with a little amorous feelings,
but this style does not affect the kind of pure.
If he really loves you,
he will introduce you i

The strongest signs of modern football 10 Leicester won an oath by the face

ng is the title of Leicester city? Believing that I don't need to go over it.
Martin Samuel,
a soccer expert from the daily mail of England,
wrote a column of emotion to tell Leicester about his incomparable inner shock.
Did you notice that? This is a game in the battlefield,
is so unusual,
although no tactics after the analysis and summary,
but this game is destined to be engraved on the monument of history,
a great story worth telling to your descendants was born! In 2016,
May 3rd,
Leicester won the Premier League title.
Only a short while ago,
sports is no longer as of old people full of excitement.
the greatest moment of the faded imperceptibly.
Ferguson's brilliant shine through the 13 League champions,
with the years have already can not see the shadow.
Even after the Londo

Two, learn to do these key words need to deepen understanding

rty building network micro platform (ID:zxbdjw),
Chinese Minmetals micro platform WeChat No.
four public awareness of the 1.
political consciousness 2.
overall sense of 3.
core consciousness 4.
par consciousness on the five CPC Central Committee issued on all Party members to carry out science and Learning Series speech party constitution,
to be qualified party members stressed learning education program ,
learning to problems with learning,
want to change,
to solve some problems in five aspects of Party members and the party's ideals and beliefs,
sense of purpose,
moral behavior,
this is the two a learning education provides guidance and follow.
Four iron 1.
iron 2.
iron 3.
iron faith belief general discipline 4.
iron play has seven 1.
nepotism is engaged in

The first batch of 500 thousand senior citizen card managing allowance in late June Houston

Civil Affairs Bureau said that the Shanghai old age card issued this year,
the first 500 thousand.
Please old people in accordance with the home (Village) committee arranged to receive in an orderly manner,
I take the card,
please bring a receipt,
identity cards and social security card,
did not receive the card notice of the elderly,
please be patient,
do not worry yo.
Elderly cards need to be activated before they can be used,
and the comprehensive allowance for the elderly will be issued to the aged card in late June.
Since then,
batch payment,
from May 3rd onwards,
Shanghai city card began to pay in batches,
the city's first batch of about 500 thousand copies.
After that,
there will be a batch of good old age cards delivered to the village committee,
which will be issued by the home (V

Shanghai Disneyland Disney hasn't opened was carved a visit

ws reporter Zang Ming Li Jicheng,
tourists in the town of Disney column engraved here a tour.
On May 1st,
many tourists stepped on the beach to take photos and even picked plants at random.
Herb garden staff,
words with a little helpless.
During the 51,
although Shanghai Disney park has not yet opened,
but as the core area of international tourism resort open area start the test,
here became public family travel destination,
Disney Park neighbors Star Park,
herb garden,
ecological garden is a good place for the public.
But in a few days,
visitors uncivilized phenomenon occasionally.
In addition to picking on plants,
visitors were also found on the pillars of the town of Disney carved here a tour,
and even visitors in the flower bed where urinating.
In order not to affect visitors e